Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sooo I have decided to try out the lemon dextox diet mum was against it last time but do you know what, I don't care. I have bought a new bottle of the syrup since my mum threw away my last one....she can really think again if she considers losing me another £40! Ive just finishd my first cup of the day and you know what, I actually enjoyed it! The last time i did this, well attempted this I could not stand it but thats because I was doing it with just cold water but today I have used hot water boiled in the kettle and it was lovely :) .. fingers crossed this is gonna do something! I decided to give it a go aagain after reading it on A Journey to Bones blog....I'll tell you what people you should follow her, she and her blog are amazing :)

BUT ... the scales have gone from the kitchen I noticed this morning,,I havnt weighed myself in about a week but wanted to know my weight before I started this (my mum has her slimming world scaless in the kitchen, they are gooood so I only really use those) then I went to my bathroom to use the crappy ones, anything is better then nothing BUT they wernt there either?! ..I looked in the family bathroom,,no, my mums bathroom, no? Where the hell are the scales!!! Hmmmmm.

The weather here is horribbble today so here is some summer thinspo for you all :)


  1. Good luck with the detox! You'll definately do a lot better than I did. You're such a sweetie, thank you! Do you think maybe your mum got rid of all the scales because she wasn't happy about your weight worries? Sounds like the sort of thing my mum would do. Try to emphasise that you're doing it to "rid your body of toxins", rather than lose weight ;).
    Stay strong, honey! x

  2. Hiya it took me a little while to get all caught up on your blog but i've just finished now and i think you're amazing!! and i can't believe how alike we seem to be with the whole ex thing at the moment anyway! you're doing really well so keep it up you'll be at your ideal weight in a flash- ps im in london -england too if you're still looking for a text buddy . . . check out my blog love xxxxx