Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm back again...right what's been going on with me. Nothing..still looking beastly, as of today I was 165..stupid stupid me..when am I going to start to disappear?

Lately all I have been doing is purging...I know that cycle never ends good but over the last couple of weeks I have been doing it so regularly that whenever I eat something I physically feel sick and its needs to come out, the feeling of having food in my stomach apart from feeling disgusting feels strange now. As you can tell from the lack of weight loss it really isn't doing much for me...I need to stop letting food enter my mouth altogether.

Anyway I'm off to sleep, my alarm will b going off for work in 7 hours :( ..but then as soon as the clock hits 6pm tomorrow its officially my birthday weekend, and I plan on getting very messy. Tomorrow night I'm out with the girls just locally and then Saturday we are going up to cambridge and stayin up there for the night again getin messy..and then Sunday is my birthday, the big 21..getting old...and me and my family are going out for a meal..I like the family part just not the meal part...hopefully ill be so hungover I won't b able to face food. Actually I hate the hungover feeling so oo I might have to just man up and have something..we shall see.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x x x

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  1. you are going to be the tiniest, most delicate little thing ever, we all will be we just have to keep at this :)
    sorry about the purging and i really hope you can...control it a bit:)

    love, and thinking of you!